Textile and CRC Machines

The Mimo Enterprises Srl designs and manufactures spare parts for industrial applications, specifically used in the field of CNC machines and CNC Monitor We can supply knitting technology CRT and LCD, monochrome and color, control keyboards, USB reader devices replacement of the old floppy disk for major manufacturers, such as Protti, Steiger, Shima, Stoll etc.etc.

Electronics and lighting

The Mimo Enterprises is able to realize the LCD monitor for various applications including that nautical, in particular for the display of radar signals.

In the field of security we detectors of electromagnetic interference particularly applicable to the sector Vending Coins for Change or Change Bills, to prevent outside intrusion.

The LEDs are the new frontiers for lighting systems for any solution as well as reduce the cost of consumption of well over 50%, from interior domestic to naval, commercial and industrial activities.


The Mechanical Division is able to provide machining of metal sheets in laser cutting and galvanic treatments specific to the type of material, as well as customization of the press, both in screen printing in which anodic oxidation.

The Plastics Division is a production unit equipped with 15 molding machines of various sizes. The great flexibility of our. production system allows us to operate with small and large quantities without compromising the level qualitativo.I materials on which we operate normally concern the polycarbonate, the acetal, polypropylene, ABS, etc..

The Division Moulds boasts a experience more than thirty years and is able to realize both the injection mold design.