Sistema DynaSpike

DynaSpike XLT2

The First Remote Controlled Spike System

A Précis on the Product

While “no-pursuit” policies might make sense make sense in certain neighborhoods — school zones immediately spring to mind — good guys are always going to chase bad guys. Thus the need for products like DynaSpike.

The patented DynaSpike system uses high-strength spikes that penetrate all types of tires — including self-sealing and run-flats — and is effective on all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses. The hollow spikes deflate tires in a regulated manner, slowing the violator’s vehicle and allowing him or her to make a controlled stop.

DynaSpike is powered by a self-contained tank of pressurized air (150-psi) connected to a double-acting pneumatic actuator. The wireless remote is programmed to control a solenoid valve that directs the flow of pressurized air to the pneumatic actuator.

When the open button on the wireless remote control is pressed, the solenoid valve directs the flow of pressurized air to the actuator, which extends the scissor mechanism of the spike strip out and into the path of the fleeing vehicle. When the close button on the wireless remote is pressed, the solenoid valve directs the flow of pressurized air to the actuator, which retracts the scissor mechanism.

In some ways, the DynaSpike system is very similar to current pursuit-termination products. They’re stored in the trunk of the squad car and can be very-quickly deployed along the shoulder of a road. It takes less than 10 seconds to turn the DynaSpike on and remove the safety interlocks, which are designed to prevent accidental deployment.

The officer then finds a safe location where he/she can see the DynaSpike and see the fleeing vehicle, but remain far enough away to ensure they’re not injured once the DynaSpike is deployed.

The operator can be up to 100 yards away, and still remotely control the strips — using what amounts to being a key fob — to extend 17.5 feet into the roadway, and then quickly retract them to allow the pursuing vehicle to safely pass.

The officer can then retrieve the DynaSpike from the side of the road, recharge the air supply, replace any missing spikes, and place the DynaSpike back in the cruiser’s trunk, ready to end the next pursuit.

Video demo 1.

Video demo 2.