Accessories for Vending machines

Wide availability by accessories for vending machines::

Dragger for all the needs of automatic dispensing of canned products.
The device is ideal and widely used in various fields such as Dispensers of cigarettes, condoms, toys and prizes dispensing machines for entertainment.
The delivery takes place via the horizontal thrust applied to the product which is located at the base of its column (Silos); loading is therefore also simplified, since it must be performed from the top down.

The Hopper is proposed for all those applications requiring the delivery of large quantities of money in a short time, such as gaming machines with win (AWP), money changers, disbursements rest ...
They are offered in the protocols cctalk ® (F1PRO), USB (F1PROUSB) and parallel (F1S) to facilitate both safety and complete control of the device, the rapid development of the machine.
Filter net: socket-outlet full of noise suppression filter, fuse and rocker switch.
Selectors for tokens, shaped sheet of drawing.
Switching Power Supply - Metal structure with compact aluminum heatsink. Clamps with screw terminal block
Model 12V (+5 V/15A, -5V/1A, +12 V/3-4A)
Model 24V (+5 V/15A, V/4A +12, +24 V/4A
Handles recessed grid that allows for ventilation of the cabinet
Wheel hard plastic, complete with fixing flange
Legs in chromed steel, length editable to taste.