Replacing fluorescent tubes with LED

LED lighting – the future

Neon: Quick facts about the difference between using a traditional neon and neon LED.

The shape is similar, the difference between a tube and a tube Neon LED lies in the fact that the LED does not contain any gas to ionize (eg: ARGON) ne traces of mercury.

LED tubes

Furthermore, The LED tube does not need electric discharge for ignition, so the presence of the reactor and the starter is not required.

The new ceiling for LED tubes are in fact devoid of these components, however, you can always install a LED tube on an old ceiling as long as you disable or remove or bypass the reactor and replace the starter, this depends on whether the existing ceiling has from a reactor electric or electro-magnet (see installation guidelines for existing fluorescent).

Connection Scheme

This simplifies the process of mounting the tube LED allowing to minimize the cost of maintenance (such as replacement of the reactor or choke) in addition to the fact that given the long duration of the tube LED, is reduced to a minimum also the frequency of replacement the traditional neon tube.